Jesus Christ has risen from the dead and poured out the Holy Spirit upon His people. This is glorious news!

On behalf of St. Brendan Parish I would like to wish you and your family a most blessed and joyful Easter. Remember, Easter is a season (not just a day of celebration) in which Christians rejoice in the power of of God’s love over death. I will never forget when I came to faith in Jesus Christ and began to feel the power of His resurrection in my own life. What a privilege for us to be numbered among His followers. It’s all grace and has nothing to do with our merits. Still, we must deepen our faith and not be afraid to face tribulations as did the early Church. Their faith and the power of the Holy Spirit made them an unstoppable force to push back the works of the enemy and darkness and to usher in the Kingdom of God.

Let us all celebrate with great joy the power of Christ’s resurrection and allow His grace to transform us to live life more abundantly.

Happy Easter!

In Christ,
Fr. James Northrop