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What kind of information do you think should be on the Evangelization Page? 

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SAVE THE DATE!  November 15th and 16th 2021 will be our parish mission- Surge of the Heart with Jon Leonetti.  “One of the most inspiring parish missions available in America today” – Matthew Kelly, Founder of Dynamic Catholic.  Here is a YouTube video with Jon Leonetti:

A message from Bishop Barron about returning to Mass-

This week on FORMED

FORMED has a new series about Evangelization in the 21st century.  The series is called FORMED for Mission.

The ninth session is Jesus Christ

Previous Links for Evangelization in the 21st century  

Here is a link to the document referenced is sessions 5-9.  The document is by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.  

FORMED also has a series on Sacred Art.  This week we look at Saints Peter and Paul

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This month from  This is a national organization along with the Catholic Men’s Leadership Alliance (CMLA) that develops resources for men.  For our first feature we are going to look at a St. Joseph Virtue Series. It is well done, and each video is about 6 minutes.   

Consecration to St. Joseph

Document contains all 33 video’s from Fr. Donald Calloway:

We do have a few additional copies of the Consecration to St. Joseph Book- in both English and Spanish.  Please contact Brigette Blair if you still need a copy.  Price is $15.00

Access to FORMED

To access go to FORMED  Click on Sign Up.  Next choose the middle button; Sign Up as a Parishioner; Type in St. Brendan and then click on St. Brendan 10051 NE 195th St Bothell WA.  Then you register with your name and email.  They is no payment since the parish has a subscription.   Once you register you only need to go to FORMED and click Sign In.