Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions that are frequently asked, so we’ve gathered them together in one place for your convenience.

What volunteer groups are there at St Brendan and how do I contact them?
St Brendan has a number of volunteer ministries, organizations, commissions, committees and councils. A list of them and the contact person, phone number and/or email can be found in the Ministries and Organizations document in the Download section of this website.
Can I donate money to St. Brendan electronically or over the web?
Yes! Using the following web page, you can donate directly to St. Brendan.
What is the Pastoral 5-year plan?
The Pastoral 5-year plan (for 2013-2017) is a plan spanning the upcoming years. The overall planning process was guided by a core team of parishioners called the “Guided by the Power of the Spirit” – also called, GPS. The goals were established by the parishioners as a whole. The action action items for each goal were put together by task forces of parishioners. And the action items are being implemented by parish/school staff, councils, commissions, committees and the entire parish.
What are the goals and action items of this plan?
The goals and various actions items are outlined in the plan. Copies of it can be downloaded from here:

What is the GPS I hear about?
The GPS was the short name given to the core group of parishioners that guided the planning process. The initials come from “Guided by the Power of the Spirit”. And with a bit of play on words: a GPS device helps guide one to a destination; so too the GPS group guided the St Brendan Parish to writing this pastoral plan.


I'm new to St. Brendan. Can I register online?
Yes! Go to and fill out the web form. When you submit the form, the information will be sent to the Parish staff, who will process it for you.
Can I update an existing registration online?
Yes! Use the same link ( and select to “Update an Existing Family”
Is there a offline method of submitting this information?
Yes! A copy of the form can be downloaded from Or, you can visit the Parish Office and fill out a form there.