Hello and welcome! Music ministry is an integral part of the Mass and also provides an opportunity for parishioners to use their gifts in service of God and the parish community. New musicians are welcome in the program throughout the year; English-speaking musicians – please contact the music director, Victoria Solenberger if you are interested!

¡Hola y bienvenidos! El ministerio de Música es una parte integral de la Misa y también provee una oportunidad para que los parroquianos pongan sus talentos al servicio de Dios y de la comunidad parroquial. Músicos que hablen espanol, favor de contactar al director, Francisco Gonzalez a franciscogzzc@live.com ¡si está interesado!

On this page you’ll find blog posts about music in the Mass and sacred music in general. There are also links to pages for each of the choirs and music groups who serve the parish. Thank you for visiting!

Gregorian Chant – why sing it at Mass?

For many of us, hearing Gregorian chant at the Mass is a relatively new experience. But in fact, the church teaches that liturgical music must be grounded in plainchant. The document from the Second Vatican Council on the liturgy, Sacrosanctum Concilium, teaches that “the Church acknowledges Gregorian chant as specially suited to the Roman Liturgy: […]

Antiphons – what are they?

The past couple of weeks before Masses, I’ve been speaking briefly about the singing of antiphons, or the Propers of the Mass. Here is that information in expanded, written form for your reference! The parts of Mass that we sing fall into two main categories: the Ordinary and the Propers. The Ordinary consists of the […]

Stay Tuned

Welcome 🙂 One of the purposes of this page is to give a starting place to learn more about what the Church teaches about music in the Mass. Before Masses I’m speaking a little about different aspects of music in the Mass, starting with what propers are. Here, I’ll post the supporting documents and references […]

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